A Psychotic Dream

“Lets play”, Sandra runs towards the playground. As she looks behind, the boy she likes just froze in his place and looks at the sky above him.

Before she could call out to him, he vaporizes in thin air leaving behind a trail of dust.

The frightened Sandra runs home screaming all the way and enters the kitchen.


“What is it Sandra?”, her mom asks.

“Frank…. Frank…….he …disappeared”

“C’mon sweetheart, is this some new joke you are playing on me??”

As Sandra’s mother turns to her, Sandra’s mother suddenly looks up towards the ceiling in a moment of trance and vanishes in thin air.

The shocked Sandra stands there with disbelief trying to take in the situation. She runs to her room in fear and pulls herself to the corner of her room.

She closes her eyes trying to shut away the bad things and hums a song while she gently rocks herself back and forth.

Then she hears the door knob turning slowly. Sandra rushes under the bed and hides in fear. She feels the footsteps reverberating through the wooden planks.

She can hear her name being called out in a slow, sinister fashion. Its presence reeked the whole room making her hard to breathe. The bed sheet was suddenly moved away and Sandra saw those eyes looking at her. She runs out from under the bed to escape but it caught up to her and held her wrist tight.

“Leave me alone!!!”, Sandra sobbed and shouted.

“Sandra, I am here to help”, it said.

As she turned to see it, there stood a lady in a uniform who looked like a nurse. Those eyes were no longer scary but now held sympathy and concern. When Sandra, looked around it was not her house anymore, she was now in some hospital.

“Where am I?, Why am I here ,  Where is mommy ??”, Sandra cried.

“Sandra, I have called your guardian and he will be here soon. Now please take your medications, sweetheart.”