If only…

If only you could see my love, If only you could ease my pain. If only you could hold my tears, If only you could touch my soul. If only you could see what you do to my heart, If only you could understand what you, do to me.   If only you could only […]

In the name of humanity – A Poem

War may sometimes be a necessary evil. But no matter how necessary, it is always an evil, never a good. We will not learn how to live together in peace by killing each other’s children ~ JIMMY CARTER The brutality and bloodshed, The earth remains the silent witness and has now turned red. People either […]

The smaller and cuter things in life

Just when I thought marriage brings the absolute change in life… A fragile, quivering, puppy-eyed bambina changed my perception … Suddenly everything revolves around this tiny, angelic being. Thoughts all gravitate towards her health, her sleep, her nutrition, her burps, the number of wet diapers in a day….the list goes endless. Waking up in the […]

Word of Advice from a Friend: Marriage

My dearest friend, You will be embarking into a place where everything will be new and different. As you step into this world, there will be places which your feet can get wet, this is the time when your better half will carry you in his arms and take you across. Now you will have […]

How I “whipped up” my Easter with Betty Crocker :)

First of all, this post is all about the little stuff happening in my life. I want to acknowledge it right now because I believe that small things really matter at the end …..
One of my childhoods sweetest memories are of my mom’s freshly baked cakes ….. the endless waiting to get a chance to lick off the leftover batter and cling onto it until I nearly clean the vessel sparkling neat .
I am sure we all have had our share of such exuberance.
My mom and dad would run around the house to get these ingredients together, alternate to whip up the cake and call out for the ingredients one by one like a doctor asking for the instruments during surgery. I would just look up into the oven and witness the creation of a perfect circle of love called CAKE!!!!
( I just realized I never took a picture of mama’s cake…… DANG!!!!! )
I always truly-madly-deeply wanted to follow the tradition of cake baking but I never seem to find time like my mom. I know I cannot compare myself to her – she is a supermom who would work on shifts as a Nurse and yet made surplus-scrumptious-succulent cakes.
Miss you Mom !

Miss you Mom !

In a shameless tribute to this baking tradition – I thought a good help will not be a sin this Easter. So I chose the Betty Crocker Chocolate Fudge Brownie Mix. As promised it didn’t take more than 15 minutes to whip up!!
Work - In - Progress

Work – In – Progress

While I was waiting for my husband from work, all I did was add a little extra bit of my touch in this brownie ( does aesthetic beautification count ? ) and I knew I could make a perfect Easter for me and my sweet-toothed better-half  😉
The rest of the evening ended with a pleasant chat with my folks, a wonderful time out with my husband and ended perfectly with a healthier choice of food –
Poached Shrimps - ripe mango salad

Poached Shrimps – ripe mango salad

I know no matter how much or how little I did this Easter – memories are always in the making…

My Whispering God

“I told you everyday and showed you in a thousand ways, but you were too busy to listen…How loudly must I whisper before you hear Me ? ~ Chris M Hibbard ”
I have this phrase printed and kept right in front of me in my workplace.
It reminds me of a patient God who is waiting at the door for me to open my heart to him. a gentle God because I know he will be knocking at my door constantly with persistence. the Father who is willing to stay by my door to guard me from the dangers lurking beyond it….. as he waits for me to answer. my Father who would take His liberty to comfort me even though I haven’t called to him.
Even though I know all this, I can keep writing on and on about what God is for me and how He is there to wipe my tears away … I can  start a whole new blog on this alone but questions lingered as I begun this post –
Why is that I keep doing these things I do ? Why is that I don’t open that door to Him ?
Why is that I keep my God waiting ? Why is it that writing all these things are easy and tough to follow ?
Even when I know I can hold on to Him, why is it that Satan never stops trying?
I know that the tone of this post took a total U-turn, but this is what we need to ponder upon I realized.
Words maybe the best thing to express ourselves but for God it is our actions and what we don’t say matters.  Words play very less importance in our relationship with God. I am sure you have faced it when you begin to pray, you are left with no words but tears, but those tears bridge those gaps in your prayers.
I am not inferring that prayers are not necessary – prayers are what keeps us sane. But, what I am trying to point out is that our conversations with God must go way beyond our human talk. Our God is receptive to our emotions far more than we can imagine. Our emotions are like whispers to God.
I can imagine God whispering by even clanging all the bells of churches worldwide – will we hear Him ?
As I put this point out to all the readers, a thought goes to my God –
” Keep whispering Father, Keep Whispering…  “

Diary of a Confused Kidult ( Kid + Adult )

Dear Diary,
I used to spend copious amount of time just looking out of my window. Making stories of how I would meet the right one.
I come back to senses when I find my mom patting my shoulder asking me if I have listened to anything she said.
My mother tried to break my shell of seclusion and was worried about me.
She even questioned me if I had a best friend and I wondered what the hell that meant. Life was so less complicated before that.
This question lingered so much in my mind that I blurted it to my friend over the phone. She replied to it saying “It’s not something you should ask …”
I again found myself in a confusion asking myself now what the hell was that ?
Going from school to college, I learnt and went ahead with whole new hope and aspirations. Made friends with a whole new bunch of people but being a common friend between two enemies ( bad idea )
I found myself in different situations leading me to ask myself what shit am I in?
Surviving the emotional turmoil of adulthood, I go for my masters in Germany. I am in this foreign land with foreign people speaking a foreign language. I stand at the bus-stop in the middle of nowhere thinking where the hell I am??
A boy steals me of my thoughts, my brain refuses to work and I refuse to hear to my heart and ask myself over and over again,
Why the hell am I feeling this way?
In my life, I have had my share of confusions leading to reality-checks,
but it made me what I am today.

The life’s ups and „downs“

Life holds a lot of lessons – sometimes we get the privilege to learn from another person’s experience or we earn it the hard way

We take oaths during our wedding that we will stand by each other through sickness and in health and we enter into the life of matrimony.

This weekend, was a test of how far I could endure the part of “stand by each other through sickness “.

This can sound silly, but Men become high maintenance when they fall ill. It’s like they have all this demands, weird gruffs, puppy-like looks and endless requests.

Yes, my husband was not well – a tooth extraction plus a root canal. It may sound small or insignificant, trust me I did too but I was wrong.

Initially I didn’t really understand the true need of “being there for him”. I was just upset and angry with all his demands and it drove me crazzzeeee !!!!

There was a part where he called me just to re-fix the pillows under his head ( Can you beat that ! )

It took me a while to “suck it up, do what I am suppose to”.

I may not be a perfect wife who is dotting over the husband when he is ill but I have learnt my first lesson to bring out the best in me so that I can support him when he needs me.

This is what marriage is all about I realized and it took me almost a year to understand the true meaning of selfless commitment –

I, the lung of the smoker say….

Tania Speaks

Reporter: ” Mr.Lungs I was looking for a story and thought I would write something about you. Would you help me with this ? “

Lungs: ” Sure, I think it is very important for youngsters to know about their body before “… *mumbling*

Reporter: ” Mr.Lungs, I dont understand what you are saying ” ….. ( i was immediately interrupted)


” I was young so filled with fresh air, every second I filled myself with so many scents. I could never be so alive and being a part of my family I am so grateful to be one of the most important member of that family. Miss.Heart always advised me to hold the air a bit longer as it would benefit all and I always listen to her. But Mr.Diaphragm whose ways I find bossy, due to the very reason that he pushes me up and down and…

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Thadathil – Style of Vacation

Usually I forget to be thankful for the lovely things I have been bestowed upon.
But this vacation is one thing, I am forever grateful to the Almighty above.

I was super excited for my vacation to India especially to meet my folks and the new angel which was gifted to our Thadathil family.

My anticipation to meet my niece exceeded so much that I kept replaying her video again and again until I can still hear her chatter in back of my head.

My arrival was supposed to be a surprise to my family but I would give the credit of destruction to my darling brother – who flopped the whole planning in a matter of seconds.

So, Lets fast forward the day of my brother’s arrival with his family.

I had all planned…

Taking a video of new grandparents meeting their grandchild for the first time;
The cries and laughs …….maybe a group hug…blah ..blah…

An epic sentimental movie I can make of it,so I thought.

But in reality,

the baby ended up being a victim of a tug of war
Bro and sis-in law being left out at the terminal…
(thank God nobody taped that mess) :S

Like all vacations, this one month vacation also ended very quickly and I only remember a few precious moments when I go through all the pictures and videos I have taken furiously.

Our house is a ancestral home of the Thadathil Clan…A quick tour into my world..

A peek into the surroundings

A peek into the surroundings

This veranda holds a lot of memories I have with my grandfather. Hence, this is the favorite part of my house which I will always hold closest to my heart.

Nostalgic Place

Nostalgic Place

Now my father thrones his “rightful place” in this chair – only reserved for him except for one small exception –

I rule !!

I rule !!

My parents are really into gardening and dad has made a huge “greenhouse” shelter for them. It is remarkable how much they dedicate their time and energy to these seasonal flowers which bloom and later fade gradually.

A snapshot of it all

A snapshot of it all

Most Captivating

Most Captivating

No matter how much and how long I will drink and eat my mother’s food , there are few things I will really miss – EVERGREEN

Mom’s Cup of Tea – It is everything like how my mother’s Love is : Energizing at the same time Comforting. It is something I would like to unwind myself along with a good novel.

Cup of Love

Cup of Love

Mom’s Payasam – (Why my dad in the picture ?)
The main reason associated with my liking towards payasam is the look my Dad has as he savors every spoon of his share of Payasam with ultimate indulgence in his eyes. The contentment in his face is just priceless.

Payasam with Dad

Payasam with Dad

In this month, we have evolved and played many new roles with the addition of a person in our family.

Life is all about change !

Life is all about change !

My parents into grandparents
My brother into a father ( Seriously !! )
Me into an Aunt

Now, I am no longer the youngest one in my family or the pampered one. But I am happy to give away my place to the one that followed me.

Thank you God for the little things and pleasures in life. Life would never be the same without your mercy.