Sore Dilemma


My mind snapped from the trance and realized that I have been staring at the bloody typewriter for the past half hour.

Life had made a mockery of my existence and now my mind was devoid of thoughts, ideas … feelings.

The dull pain throbbed, a sincere companion for past few days. It had now penetrated through the temples, crawled into the eye sockets finally blurring my vision.

I stood up and placed myself on the bed. The pain intensified and fatigue drained me almost instantly. I shut my eyes and felt myself sinking within in a never-ending space. When I opened my eyes, I saw myself lying on the bed. I stood beside my bed, watching myself asleep. Even in sleep, I did not look peaceful. It was night and the moon was full tonight.

Next moment, I found myself walking towards the cemetery. I wanted to turn away or stop dreaming but I just could not. Something was calling to me. The day had ended and the night was eerily ghoulish. As I was walking across the cemetery, I could see several lights floating above each tombstone, ready to depart to the heavens above. My feet stopped at a small gravestone.

Cherubs and roses adorned the gravestone and it read Amelia James (2010-2015).

The child at the tombstone smiled at me

“You have finally come to see me Dada”, she said.

My knees gave way and I knelt before her and cried.

“It’s okay dada,     I am happy you have come. Now I can go away with the angels. Can you hear them sing too?” she asked me with those big beautiful eyes. She had her mother’s eyes. I gazed at her in defeat. I had lost her in a car accident. I was driving the car when the car skid and hit a tree. Amelia did not survive.

I lost my child because of me…

My thoughts interrupted with a tingle on my cheek. Amelia had kissed me and she was not alone. Beside her stood two figurines with massive wings. Their glow calmed and soothed me like a child in his mother’s arms.

I knew then they were there to take my dear Amelia to a better place. Amelia kept her hand over my heart and whispered, “I love you forever dada. Mommy and I will be watching you along with the angels.”

A blinding light engulfed my eyes and I opened my eyes to see myself back in my room. My pillow was wet and I was drenched in sweat. Amelia gave me a second chance in life and I will live this life for her. I got up from my bed and I stood by the window and stared at the dark sky above.

I saw two stars twinkling at me letting me know that I am not alone anymore.


She slipped away from my hands and disappeared almost like a dream. At the edge of the cliff, I frantically search for a glimpse but I could see nothing. The wind roared into my ears rattling my soul like a toy.

I gave up.

I got up and stood at the edge of the cliff. Tears blurred my vision. I closed my eyes and felt the wind on my face. I was ready to jump and as I was able to take a step further, I almost heard a voice.


I looked around hoping she would be there, wishing it were all a nightmare. My life was the nightmare ever since Tara died…

She died… the constant flashbacks to that fateful day played in front of my eyes. The sari, which once looked beautiful on her, hung around her neck. Her eyes adorned with Kohl bulged out in a sinister stare. Her lips, which held sacred prayers, were now bloated and black.

The image torn my heart once again.

I jumped.


I waited patiently hoping that she would open the door and invite me into her house…into her heart. I just could not leave her… call me a loser in love but I just could not let her go…

…not just yet.

My friends would call me a fool with no self-respect especially since she had someone new in no time and it pained me how easy it was for her to forget me.

“Was I really nothing to her?”, I asked myself as I watched her by the window. She never shed a tear, she just moved on.

Next day, I followed her to her workplace. I stood and watched her sway her way and heard her high-pitched laughs when she joked with her friends. My core, which once tingled with this sound, now shattered my heart. I turned away blinking my tears and tried hard to mend my heart.

However, I just could not let her go. I was acting like an obsessed lunatic and followed her every step. I wanted her to see me but I would just duck away when she turned my way. I did not know what kind of life i was living now because all I could think of was getting her back.

I am slowly beginning to realize that things were not the same anymore. I seem invisible to everyone around me. My clothes were dirty and my hair felt greasy as I ran my fingers through them. Dogs barked at me aggressively and I am running aimlessly like a maniac.

Day by day, my mind turned cold towards her as I blamed her for the state I was in. I once had everything; I had a family but she pulled me away from them. I had friends, which she dissed so systematically.

“The only thing she loved was money”, I blurted.

This realization took me back to several months when we met for the first time at a wedding. She looked so innocent and I could not take my eyes off her. She played her part so well, how easily she controlled me and I felt like a fool all of a sudden.

My thoughts went to that night we parted, she was so cozy in my arms as we watched a movie.

“I will get us something to drink baby”, she whispered.

“Naah, I am fine just as we are now.” I replied holding her tight. My heart could not contain the love I had for her.

She pried away from my embrace and said she will be right back.

She came back with two glasses of champagne and a smile on the lips, which did not reach her eyes as it used to.

“Let’s celebrate this moment”, she said and made me gulp down the champagne.

I did not remember what happened to me after that. My thoughts were interrupted with a leaflet, which flew to my direction.

It looked like a missing person –

“Demarco Brown”, I read and I saw my face on the paper. I stared at it until it flew further away. Rest was still a blur and I found myself outside our house.

I wanted to break down the door and ask Jayla about all this craziness. My frustrated banging just came off like a mild knock, which startled me. Unable to contain my frustration, when I was about to kick the door open, Jayla opens it.

My breath caught within, I look at her waiting for her to say something.

She looked at me and there was no emotion in her eyes. It is as if she looked right past me.

She stepped out and shut the grill door that went right through me!

The reality all of a sudden hit me in the gut.

I was a ghost.

Jayla poisoned me that night.

The lingering humanity in me diminished as all the love for her changed to hatred. I went through the door into the house. I sensed her presence in the bedroom at the first floor.

I climbed the stairs slowly taking my time, scheming twisted thoughts. I followed her voice humming a song and she was changing into a short black dress.

I stood right behind me as she combed her hair and then her eyes caught mine in the mirror.

“Finally, you see me darling”, I growled and devoured her screams with mine.

Writing Challenge

Weekly Writing Challenge: Threes

I came across this blog on weekly writing challenges by TheDailyPost which I have found to be quite intriguing.


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 My eyes surf the ceiling while I anxiously wait for the doctor as she examines me.

“The cervix has dilated but it’s not time”, the doctor tells to my husband as she left.

A sudden surge of contraction rocks my body violently and I cried out involuntarily.

I felt the room was closing on me and felt a pang of terror to the untraveled path of labour. I have heard so many stories of how painful it is and how labour pain can last for hours.

I guess my husband felt my fear; he gently took my hand and slowly caressed my head, whispering that everything will be fine.

The contractions immediately came on me like a cold wave, literally taking my breath away. I felt this one was different and I frantically look towards my husband and screamed “I want EPIDURAL !!!”

Everything else was a blur, until I heard a feeble cry.

As soon as I laid my eyes on the little one, I realized that all those hours of labour pain was worth every second.

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Happy writing !!

A Psychotic Dream

“Lets play”, Sandra runs towards the playground. As she looks behind, the boy she likes just froze in his place and looks at the sky above him.

Before she could call out to him, he vaporizes in thin air leaving behind a trail of dust.

The frightened Sandra runs home screaming all the way and enters the kitchen.


“What is it Sandra?”, her mom asks.

“Frank…. Frank…….he …disappeared”

“C’mon sweetheart, is this some new joke you are playing on me??”

As Sandra’s mother turns to her, Sandra’s mother suddenly looks up towards the ceiling in a moment of trance and vanishes in thin air.

The shocked Sandra stands there with disbelief trying to take in the situation. She runs to her room in fear and pulls herself to the corner of her room.

She closes her eyes trying to shut away the bad things and hums a song while she gently rocks herself back and forth.

Then she hears the door knob turning slowly. Sandra rushes under the bed and hides in fear. She feels the footsteps reverberating through the wooden planks.

She can hear her name being called out in a slow, sinister fashion. Its presence reeked the whole room making her hard to breathe. The bed sheet was suddenly moved away and Sandra saw those eyes looking at her. She runs out from under the bed to escape but it caught up to her and held her wrist tight.

“Leave me alone!!!”, Sandra sobbed and shouted.

“Sandra, I am here to help”, it said.

As she turned to see it, there stood a lady in a uniform who looked like a nurse. Those eyes were no longer scary but now held sympathy and concern. When Sandra, looked around it was not her house anymore, she was now in some hospital.

“Where am I?, Why am I here ,  Where is mommy ??”, Sandra cried.

“Sandra, I have called your guardian and he will be here soon. Now please take your medications, sweetheart.”

Shory Story for Busy Readers – 3

I close my eyes to soak in the serenity around me. I hear the gushing waves of the ocean and feel the gentle breeze on my face. Soaking my feet in the therapeutic waters, I release my thoughts out to Mother Nature.

As I open my eyes and gaze lazily across the shore, I see this guy looking towards me. When I caught him staring at me, he just looked away immediately. I haven’t seen him before and I wondered if he was following me or something.

I just panicked. I closed my eyes to steady myself but my mind was no longer calm.

No matter what he did I felt he watched my every move. I look across my shoulder in fear of being followed. The waves suddenly felt cold and harsh. I couldn’t handle this situation anymore.

I was waiting to confront him. As he quickly sped by, I called out to him.

I wanted to have a good look at this guy and maybe report him if he looked suspicious.

He stopped almost immediately.

I wanted to ask him who he is and why is he following me. As I looked into his eyes, I saw something in there. He looked at me as though he knew me already.

“Do I know you?” I inquired

“Err…depends” He replied

“What’s that supposed to mean?” I questioned with a stern face. He turned beet red and just glanced away.

I noticed that he was clearly a few feet taller to me. His face held a serious look as he glanced towards the ocean. His face suddenly felt familiar to me. I thought my mind was playing tricks with me.

When he looked back at me, my memories dawned upon me with a sudden surge of realization –

“John..” I murmured

He put his arms around me and gently replied to my ear

“Yes my darling”

I knew right then who he was ……I was no longer afraid because now I remember him…my dear husband


Short Story for Busy Readers – 2 (Late Regret)

” When all the world dissolves, and every creature shall be purified  All places shall be hell that are not heaven. ” ~ CHRISTOPHER MARLOWE

My heart is beating fast, I can hear them beating next to my ears. My skin is crawling as the blood boils. I scream and shout as I can feel my skin erupt with blood and smell the burning of flesh.

The Devil is enjoying this as I can hear him laugh at me. The darkness thickens and I see the Godly light fade away from the far end…

“Perfect…..Perfect… I wasssss waiting for you…” He slithers each word like a hissing snake. I feel the weight of him over my shoulders as I fall on the ground.

“No one issss there to hear your cry….You are mine now …. I own you…. Now I am your Massssster “. I could smell the sulphur in his breath and my eyes stung as he cornered me like a predator.

The darkness gives way to a creature which is almost 10 feet tall… Eyes as black as charcoal that burn right through your soul…The smell of sulphur is so revolting that my nasal cavity was on fire…Each breath was very tasking for me. I try to move myself away from him in fear, but my hands are tied and the ground begins to give way . I saw a glimpse of the depths below, I find hundreds of people burning in fire, people trying to climb over each other to come to the top. But their efforts where short-lived as the demons slice of their limbs and they fall in the hot lava of fire.

People screaming and howling in pain…Death and despair everywhere….

I closed my eyes and shouted …“ God .. Please forgive me…”

Blood comes out of my eyes as the tears. I pray for my worthless soul, trying to hold on to the last string that might save me.

The Devil jabs me with a sharp object into my feet, I fall to my knees.

“You foolissssh human…..God wasssssss all around you ….sssshowed you sssignssss, provided you with everything ….. yet you are so ungrateful. I knew you were mine the day you were born….. but God fought for you and you were not eassssy to get…. You are ssssuch a fool and an idiot …. I wassss able to manifesssst myself in you assss anger… you nurtured me , you let me loosssse within you and then leassssed me like a beasssst. I controlled your mind into depressssssion and finally you killed yourself ….…”

” it …it was … it was you all along ? “, I asked with sadness…

“Hahaha it is so eassssy to get to you…. filthy human….. “. His laughter shook the entire place….

He mocked , ridiculed and insulted me in every possible way. Now, ashamed as I hear his eyes dried out as I realized my faults..

“ I deserve this… I will bite the pain away….. How much I caused pain to the people I love….”


The Devil smiles and asks, “ What do you want me to do…..? “

I confessed,

“ I want you to tell God to forgive me for all the wrong things I have done”.

I looked down and prayed one last time…

“ Father, you have provided me the life I wanted but I was always looking for something else and complained”

“Father, you have given me a happy home but I always made it unhappy and unpleasant”

“Forgive me Father for I was stupid and I will take this burden of pain because I deserve this….”

Something pierced right through my heart…..Darkness clouded my eyes as I slip away slowly….

Much Later…..

I woke up with a shudder, my heart is beating fast. My skin crawling. I can feel my skin erupt with blood and smell the burning of flesh.

I hear that devious laughter saying ” Welcome back  – There is no death in hell only eternal pain ”

Short Story for Busy Readers – 1

As I walk through the mystical woods of forbidden things,

I came across a beautiful basket beside a huge tree. The basket was made of straw. It was partially covered, satin fabric flowing out as something moved inside of it.

The basket has a big bow at the handle. I thought to myself it would probably be a gift.

‘But who would leave such a pretty gift outside?? ‘, I thought out loud. ‘Maybe I can take a peek to see whats in it’.

As I cautiously moved towards the basket, I could hear whimpering and muffled sounds. I froze in my steps as I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. It sounded like a baby!!!

I rushed to the basket and lifted the cover to see the most beautiful creature on earth.

Why I referred the baby as a creature?  Because it was inhumanly beautiful and I couldn’t take my eyes of it.

Its eyes were so deep; I felt I could see the whole universe in them. As it blinked at me, It looked as though angels where dancing with immense bliss. Perfect wasn’t even the word to describe it.

It looked at me with wonder, I felt as though it could somehow read my thoughts. It lifted its arms towards me, with an innocent invitation accompanied with a few gurgles and sounds.

I looked around to see if anyone was there, looking for the baby. I called out if anyone was there. But all I could hear was my echo and hustles of the wind. I carefully lifted the baby and held it face to face. I stood there for a few moments as I felt hypnotic when I stared at him.

He remained calm as laid his head on my arm. I took him with me in the hope of finding his mother.

As we walked our way towards the end of the forest, I saw a small worn-out hut. Smoke was snaking into the sky from a chimney.

‘This must be it!!’ I thought frantically.

I ran towards the house and knocked. But no one answered. The door opened slightly ajar. I opened the door to find a hallway which lead to a door. I walked towards that door with hesitance, wondering what is on the other side. I cautiously called out hoping to hear someone, but in vain.

I opened the door to find a young girl lying motionless and the sheets were soaked in blood. She looked as though she lost her life in pain as her fingers curled up the sheets beneath them. There were people around her, all of them wearing white gown which was now red. They were nodding their heads with disapproval and disgust.

‘What happened to her?’ I thought in horror. I felt pity for her.

The baby in my arms begins to whimper and cry. I tried to hush him but he kept crying. I followed its glance to the corner of the bed – something wrapped. I walked across the room and lifted the sheet to see what was in it.

I screamed endlessly. I didn’t know what I was seeing. But all that blood made me squeamish. The baby wiggled in pain. I felt the horror as I was looking at a dead baby. It looked so familiar as though I knew it.

‘So small….so small….the fingers so tiny and small and ….. ‘then I realized that I was holding the same baby in my arms !!!!

I turned to run away as the room was suffocating and unbearable for me.  I almost tripped and I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror.

I froze in front of the mirror, as I then realized that the dead girl on the bed was me.

I, the lung of the smoker say….

Reporter: ” Mr.Lungs I was looking for a story and thought I would write something about you. Would you help me with this ? “

Lungs: ” Sure, I think it is very important for youngsters to know about their body before “… *mumbling*

Reporter: ” Mr.Lungs, I dont understand what you are saying ” ….. ( i was immediately interrupted)


” I was young so filled with fresh air, every second I filled myself with so many scents. I could never be so alive and being a part of my family I am so grateful to be one of the most important member of that family. Miss.Heart always advised me to hold the air a bit longer as it would benefit all and I always listen to her. But Mr.Diaphragm whose ways I find bossy, due to the very reason that he pushes me up and down and making me totally run in his tunes. But I wont complain because thats how we were taught to behave. Aunt Blood taught me how to share and she had taught me that this air is more valuable than anything that could ever exist. As times passed, I grew older and I understood my responsibilities and my family was so proud of me. I was the air winner and I knew I had a very important task to continue for the rest of my life.

When I was a teenager, things changed as along with air I could feel the air more dense. At first it felt kind of cloudy and I was not able to justify what was going on. Miss.Heart skipped a beat. I thought it was the pollution and it would be gone after a while. But as it persisted, I felt lethargic, empty and dark, my friends-the bronchioles begun to die slowly and slowly and as they did I felt the pain of suffocation.

I screamed in pain. I revolted against it by being stubborn and caused problems to save my family. After a while I felt something that soothed my sores and I got better. Miss.Heart was filled with anxiety and she worked hard ….I never saw her work over time…but I knew things have changed.. I only hoped it wont worsen anymore. Aunt Blood had told me what was happening over the other parts and it saddened me…I later blamed myself for this…..

Days later I felt the musky smoke again and I was too weak to retaliate, I was collapsing within my own self and I was desperate to do something and Miss.Heart needed more air , she is working faster this time for air. I could hear cries and faint moans and screams for air , I am trying to do my best but… i was not taken care of …I then realised that some things are just not in our hands….

Now in my final days, I lie to hear the screams of Miss.Heart and tormented Aunt Blood as knocks at my paralysed body .”

Tears streaming from his eyes……

” I see my family dying one by one and I learnt one thing that now ” …….(silence)

Reporter: ” Mr.Lungs….Mr.Lungs……”

(At the back ) Doctor : ” The heart gave up after a good fight “