Here we are again, standing at the crossroads,

We look past each other like strangers in a metro,

We have finally reached, where we part away forever,

Did not know that we would reach this far – not being together.

There goes another day, time flying like it held no moments – void,

There goes another day of my life, empty and hollow like death itself.

My heart playing tricks with my mind,

Mirages and memories splay themselves in an absolute seduction,

Mind playing tricks with my heart,

Memories and regret stabbing themselves in self-destruction.

Body is on auto-pilot, doing what it does – Numb,

Eyes occasionally flutter dampness due to the whirlpool within,

Familiar scents tingle the body like ecstasy,

Shuddering within as the warmth of my being withholds within.

Love is such a two faced bastard; Caressing my heart, that little dastard,

Showed me what is like to deep-dive; Choking me as I deprive.

Love, if I only knew, you were so deceitful,

I would have cut my heart out long ago,

This red beating blob inside of me,

I would gave thrown it right into the sea.

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