Sore Dilemma


My mind snapped from the trance and realized that I have been staring at the bloody typewriter for the past half hour.

Life had made a mockery of my existence and now my mind was devoid of thoughts, ideas … feelings.

The dull pain throbbed, a sincere companion for past few days. It had now penetrated through the temples, crawled into the eye sockets finally blurring my vision.

I stood up and placed myself on the bed. The pain intensified and fatigue drained me almost instantly. I shut my eyes and felt myself sinking within in a never-ending space. When I opened my eyes, I saw myself lying on the bed. I stood beside my bed, watching myself asleep. Even in sleep, I did not look peaceful. It was night and the moon was full tonight.

Next moment, I found myself walking towards the cemetery. I wanted to turn away or stop dreaming but I just could not. Something was calling to me. The day had ended and the night was eerily ghoulish. As I was walking across the cemetery, I could see several lights floating above each tombstone, ready to depart to the heavens above. My feet stopped at a small gravestone.

Cherubs and roses adorned the gravestone and it read Amelia James (2010-2015).

The child at the tombstone smiled at me

“You have finally come to see me Dada”, she said.

My knees gave way and I knelt before her and cried.

“It’s okay dada,     I am happy you have come. Now I can go away with the angels. Can you hear them sing too?” she asked me with those big beautiful eyes. She had her mother’s eyes. I gazed at her in defeat. I had lost her in a car accident. I was driving the car when the car skid and hit a tree. Amelia did not survive.

I lost my child because of me…

My thoughts interrupted with a tingle on my cheek. Amelia had kissed me and she was not alone. Beside her stood two figurines with massive wings. Their glow calmed and soothed me like a child in his mother’s arms.

I knew then they were there to take my dear Amelia to a better place. Amelia kept her hand over my heart and whispered, “I love you forever dada. Mommy and I will be watching you along with the angels.”

A blinding light engulfed my eyes and I opened my eyes to see myself back in my room. My pillow was wet and I was drenched in sweat. Amelia gave me a second chance in life and I will live this life for her. I got up from my bed and I stood by the window and stared at the dark sky above.

I saw two stars twinkling at me letting me know that I am not alone anymore.

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