She slipped away from my hands and disappeared almost like a dream. At the edge of the cliff, I frantically search for a glimpse but I could see nothing. The wind roared into my ears rattling my soul like a toy.

I gave up.

I got up and stood at the edge of the cliff. Tears blurred my vision. I closed my eyes and felt the wind on my face. I was ready to jump and as I was able to take a step further, I almost heard a voice.


I looked around hoping she would be there, wishing it were all a nightmare. My life was the nightmare ever since Tara died…

She died… the constant flashbacks to that fateful day played in front of my eyes. The sari, which once looked beautiful on her, hung around her neck. Her eyes adorned with Kohl bulged out in a sinister stare. Her lips, which held sacred prayers, were now bloated and black.

The image torn my heart once again.

I jumped.

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