Taming my heart

I wish I could go back in time,

I wish I could reciprocate my feelings when I had a chance.

I wish I could love you the way you loved me,

I was a fool; I did not see it would end this way.


I asked for another chance at life,

Despite for the fact, that things didn’t look that bright,

You left me all alone in the dark,

I am still waiting for my angel at that park.


The park where I saw a shooting star with you,

The park where we laid and glazed at the stars.

The park where I broke my fast for you,

When have those memories not good enough for you?


You say you do not hate me, but you fear to even touch me,

You say you have no feelings of love for me,

I no longer recognize you as I pass by,

Everything you said was all a lie,

You did not seem that person, who would trash all years of love and just give up,

Or maybe I am seeing a nightmare, then please wake me up.


I may seem cold, but I know that my love is not weak,

I asked for you, the forbidden fruit,

My prayers day and night made God grant this wish,

Ooh how I wished we could make our love flourish.


I kneel again to God and fight for our love once again,

Raising my hands and tears flowing endlessly,

Even if God does not hear my prayer, I would not mind,

But I pray you hear to this feeble heart of mine.

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