Let us give us a chance again in Love,

Let us give each other a chance in Love somehow.

Somewhere down the lane, we thought we held each other’s hand,

However, in reality, we walked further away into some devious wonderland.


A wonderland of deceit but beautiful creatures,

Creatures that shaped to your heart’s secret desires.

Tempting and tugging your heart,

Finally, you gave in and went apart.


The demons haunted me day and night,

It festered control of me and overpowered the light,

I turned into something, I did not realize,

I lost the sight of you, at its price.


We ventured further away, lost in our demons,

Maybe never to see each other….ever again,

The last final shred of thread might have tugged somewhere,

I opened my own eyes in despair.


Demons pulling me back to take control,

My eyes searching for you and for my soul,

I saw you in the devious wonderland,

You lost your sight of me, I understand.


I knew I lost you, but it is not permanent,

I knew I could get you back though I was broken to an extent,

Your eyes tranced with the creatures of deceit,

You could not see the struggles at my side.


See my heart, I screamed and tore my heart out,

The demons screeched with delight at the sight of your doubt,

Now, you finally see me as I hold my beating heart,

The silly heart that beats for you from the very start.

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