One Two Buckle My Shoe

One Two Buckle my shoe

Very early in the morning

I felt an abrupt movement beside me. Muffled words slowly crept into my sleepy thoughts. It almost sounded like a lullaby.

Then I heard Baby G say “Juju” ( aka milk)


I pulled myself out of my bed with every last ounce of energy. If I am late, she would cry harder which mean’t no further sleep for baby G and I.

Mind you, 98% of the time I would keep everything within reach.

Last night, I didn’t and the water heater wasn’t plugged.

Her juju delayed ….

Rest was history.

Three four knock on the door

Early that noon

Staying awake from 6 am and running on coffee, left me with a migraine. I had to suck it up and decided to put baby G for an early “afternoon” nap. I held her on a lock grip with the bottle to soothe her, her eyes drooped slowly and drifted off to sleep. I smiled to myself with relief just then a steady knock disrupted us.

Baby G was now wide awake with excitement and she hopped off from my lap running towards the door.

If a look could kill, I think I did a pretty good job at that moment.

The salesman grinned no more.


Rest and sleep was history.

Five Six Pick up the Sticks

Later that afternoon

Baby G had finally slept.

After I put her to bed, I ninja myself to the living room. During this process, I stepped on a Lego.

(Internal screaming)


Rest,sleep and my feet was History.

Seven eight lay them straight

I collected all the Legos and kept it away before things get even worse.

Courtesy @Esther Anderson

Rest,sleep, feet and my back was History.

Nine ten lets do it again

That night

The sterilized bottle – check

Milk – check

Flask of hot water – double check




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