A step at a time

I was a happy writer until I begun to doubt myself after entering a novel writing competition for amateurs. The prize was consulting with one of the best publishers of UK and chance of getting your novel published!

For an aspiring writer, it is a dream come true.

It was the first time I tried for anything like this. I remember I used to think of the story plot line while putting my newborn to sleep. Though I had sleepless nights, I was so excited to set my wings free for this venture. I had gave life to my characters and slowly they took form in front of my eyes. But life isn’t always fair or I can say it wasn’t my time..

The moment of truth and the silly me really expected a victorious end – left me disheartened.

I took the failure so badly that my mind closed in on me. I was incapable to even blog a line. I was way too critical to my thoughts, ideas that I just shut down. My better half kept nudging me to the right direction but I just refused to budge. It took me half a year to come out of my folly.

Now here I am daring to bare my vulnerability. I have learn’t my lesson that we should let neither success nor failure into our head.

So I decided to take things a step at a time.

I started out by releasing an ebook for children at Amazon a few days back.

All I want for Christmas: Untold story of Santaclaus


Enrolled for a workshop that would kick out the remaining pessimistic me.

PS: Dedicated to those who are trying to reach somewhere in their life.



  1. I do understand how you felt after missing what you expected to have. It is a normal feeling and many people react the same way under similar circumstances. I have had such moments when I am highly expecting something but get the opposite. What pleases me is that you were able to overcome this and have understood that failure is part of life. Sometimes failure is the best thing that happens to us. I want to say also that you have presented your story here in a way that is lovely to read and every reader will get away with a good lesson. Thanks for doing this.

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  2. Reblogged this on themarialigaya and commented:
    I can relate. I always think that I am a frustrated writer, always have fear of people commenting negative thoughts in my blog. It just hit me right to the feels.


  3. I suffered for years from a boss, whom I felt had a personal disorder. She once asked me if I often just looked down talking with people. It hurt, but the truth helped me to understand that I really did than when I felt insecure with some people. Now I enjoy looking pole into the eyes. I know this is another subject than writers’ block

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  4. Your blog A step at a time…is 👍👩girl..keep this good talent going on and on…write more…and create your success..throw away all that’s gone to the trash..andll the best Tanya.


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