Dear 2015

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Another year is coming to an end. This year personally has been a blessing as my daughter turned 1 and feeling content that as parents we are growing. We are striving to do everything in our power to be the best role model and provider for our child. I am sure this is what every couple would do when they have a child in their hands.

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But we all can agree that this year was not a happy year for this world. It has seen thousands of lives lost in an instant each day. There are parents like us, who went through hell to have a better future, better life and to stay alive !

Despite all the wars, death, trials and tribulations we still hope that the coming year will be better.

HOPE which will never cease to die.

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As the world plunges into deeper shit, we will continue to relentlessly try to spread the word of hope. Being a day dreamer, I wish there would be a happy ending and the world will live happily ever after. A superhero who would save the day and the villains call it quits.

Just whimsical.

Hence this new year I no longer wish for anything for myself

I wish for others,

I wish that all minds remain calm and at peace,

I wish for smiling faces and newspapers fill with joyous celebrations of love,

I wish to see children playing around and not dead.
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So then New Year, be good to us. Be kind.

With Hope,


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