Celebrations !!

Little girls are the nicest things that happen to people. They are born with a little bit of angel shine about them, and though it wears thin sometimes there is always enough left to lasso your heart. . . — Alan Beck

A year ago, my husband and I got a perfect gift.

Our Baby G.

Finally, two nomads found home. Two different people who now share something in common.

Nothing can be as concrete as you…my precious child.

You have made the last year pass away with a blink of an eye and now you are 1.

It felt like yesterday when I was stunned by (my) mob of friends who surprised me with a baby shower.

(Read more about what all happened at My Baby Shower). The signed onesie which is still hanging in the closet because I simply couldn’t put it away.

Wanting to celebrate Baby G’s birthday the best way possible, we decided to throw a birthday party in THE best way possible. Organizing events has always been my favorite part so it was easy for me to go psychotically insane for G’s birthday party.

tumblr_mepj0uGyoV1qjcyqno1_500I went into a shopping spree ( bless my husband for bearing with me ) for cake mixes, frosting, fondant, cookie cutters…the list goes on. My oven was on an overdrive every day as I pushed myself further into bread and cookie baking too.

To make things more hectic, we – the women folk decided to go a little ahead with a Bollywood choreography dance. So a scheduled practice took place every evening for almost two weeks.

PicMonkey-Collage22Talk about physical and mental exertion but anything for my girl !!!

My maternal instincts pushed my limits to do everything from scratch. This made me stay up longer at nights as the big day approached. I remember this one time, I sat until 4 am to make Anna and Elsa 3D figurines out of photo paper.

IMG_5966 Yes, the theme for the birthday party was FROZEN ( Disney movie ). Thank God for the internet, as I was able to compile all the printable and spent several nights printing away menu placards, finalizing on the menu, sending email invites, preparing the decorations.

Sven Snacks – Pumpernickel bread with cheese,tomato and cucumber ; Olaf Nose – Baby Carrots and Ranch dressing ; Olaf Arms – Pretzels
Elsa’s Punch – Soft drinks ; Coronation Salad – Macaroni Salad ; Do you want to build a snowman kits for kids – Each bag has 3 marshmallows, 3 chocolate chips, 1 orange tic tac, 2 pretzels

Baby G outfit was from Accessorize ( Fairy Princess set) which had a tiara, wings and a tutu.

IMG_5965So I decided to bring the cake together the day before the birthday at the venue.

Let me tell you one thing, artistic cakes ain’t so easy to compile. I decided to go for a layered cake of chocolate, vanilla and red velvet cake with vanilla frosting. While I was layering the cake, the vanilla layer begun to break away from the sides. The frosting made it worse and I was afraid that my cake would crumble before my eyes!!!!

tumblr_lvnxc9pDjn1qem8vlThe cake looked like piled sand as the vanilla layers literally fell off the sides but thank God for fondant. But again, I almost had a meltdown when my fondant didn’t cover the cake entirely and I had to redo it all over again.

It took me 4 hours to get this pot-bellied cake into a presentable one.

Hallelujah for fondant! Its like dusting all the dirt under a carpet 😉

After a couple of melt downs, cursing myself for doing the cake by myself and snapping at my husband, it finally looked like a frozen themed cake.

IMG_5989I decided to use the 3D figurines of Elsa and Anna as cake toppers ( pure leverage you see)

So happy I could get it all together and still stay sane. Thank you all for being a part of it and thank you dear husband for totally understanding me during this psychotic phase…

 IMG_5969Once again love, happy birthday !!

Ich liebe dich !!

PS: To all the mothers out there who would try everything to celebrate your baby’s birthday… Go right ahead.. Go all the way and make it legendary !!! 😉


  1. Great ordeal Tania, when you decided to do all by yourself. In the end what matters is a small little feeling of happiness that everything has gone well. Keep going and stay blessed 🙂


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