A Mother’s relentless prayer

I see a silhouette, the curve of your chubby cheek,
Your tiny hands reaching out whimpering in the night – poor child,
I hold you closer humming a song and letting you know that its all right.

My mind forever plays a thousand questions,
Will you still come to me when you are a teen?

The way you hold my arm n nudge your face to mine in sleep,
I pray a mothers prayer for everlasting protection and love.

Yet, my mind forever plays a thousand questions,
Will you still want to be held by me when you need someone?

Your big innocuous eyes searching for me amongst the crowd,
The toothless grins and high pitch shouts.

My mind forever plays a thousand questions,
Would I forever stay in your heart the way it is right now???

A mothers prayer, a mothers fear, a mothers love comes out of me in a single tear…..

I Love you bambina,
But would you love me back the same way forever?


  1. Beautifully written..!!
    I admire the thought process behind it but the post borders on a negative tone. A mother holding her child so close should ideally be happy bt dat expression is lost…however I understand dat u intend to show her fear of the future and dat comes out beautifull in dis..
    sorry for the critical comment..


    1. Hi Ramandeep,

      Thank you for dropping by and commenting. I really appreciate it that you understood the underlying tone of this blog.

      It may sound a bit negative but when a child is born, a mother is born at the same time. Her thoughts may sound a bit odd or off but that is how a mother’s mind works sometimes.

      This thought is purely the result of the immense love and adoration I have for my child…and this blog is dedicated to all those moms who have similar thoughts.

      Just to let them know that it’s absolutely normal to feel this way and they are not alone..

      I am sure we have had our moments as to why our mothers are so worrisome and negative at times…I totally understand my mom even more after being a mother myself…

      Thank you once again Ramandeep for being able to highlight this vital point 🙂

      Take care

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