The smaller and cuter things in life

Just when I thought marriage brings the absolute change in life…

A fragile, quivering, puppy-eyed bambina changed my perception …


Suddenly everything revolves around this tiny, angelic being. Thoughts all gravitate towards her health, her sleep, her nutrition, her burps, the number of wet diapers in a day….the list goes endless.

Waking up in the middle of the night is not a task anymore. My ears have tuned to her every whimper, cry and complaint.

My mornings start with her toothless – double chinned smiles and her warmth lets me know she is for real.

The most beautiful thing of motherhood is how much you are ready to put your life aside to be there for your child. The gift of selflessness we receive when we give birth.

I can only understand my mother more now than ever before. Her sacrifices, her unconditional love and her worries all makes sense to me now….

As you lie curled in my arms, away from the sight of the world – I wish I could keep you like this forever.

My mind will forever etch this memory of you finding sanctuary in my arms.

You will be 3 months now, how time flies and how much I will cherish every milestone you have achieved and yet to achieve….

A simple thank you my little child for making me a better person

Mama loves you …


  1. This is a touching post. I can feel your love and cherishment of your “puppy-eyed bambina.” :)That is such a cute description. By the way, she is adorable.

    Congratulations on your “new addition” to the family. 🙂


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