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Pregnancy Confessions : Baby Shower

I always have been a mastermind for surprises in my family, but never realized that I would ever fall prey for one.

Just a few weeks before, we had planned a surprise baby shower for the couple Merin and Sanil and the party was an instant hit. The exciting bit of the baby shower is the part where we all were cramped in a corner waiting in the dark. This is the time where strangers instantly become friends in a short waiting period of 10 minutes.

When the lights are turned on, we jump and shout “ SURPRISE !!!! ”

The look on Merin’s face was priceless and she was so out of words, I feared that she would tear up uncontrollably (due to the preggy hormones of course !)

Merin & Sanil  Baby Shower

Even though I loved to be a part of a surprise, I always knew I wouldn’t enjoy being the “surprised one” myself. I always preferred being in control when it came to events and hence I decided it would be better to take charge and plan my baby shower.

I finalized my date to be on the 16th of May. I had already prepared a 4 page document many months ago on the possible themes, games,giveaways, guest lists etc ..etc.

But due to on-going renovation at home, never realized time literally flew out the window and I was thinking of finishing my giveaways the previous weekend.

Since, kitchen renovation was at utmost importance, we decided to go to IKEA for designing but before that my husband wanted to go to a nearby mall for a quick look on some curtains. We did a quick detour towards the mall. Time yet again went by so quickly and we decided to ditch the IKEA plan and go home.

As I opened the door, I found some lit candles on the table which I found to be a bit odd. I do not recollect lighting any candles..

“SURPRISE !!!!!!!!”


The lights were turned on and my regular peeps just started gushing out of our bedroom and I found this huge cake in shape of a baby bottle!!


I felt tricked initially and couldn’t believe that Vishal could pull it off so smoothly. It always have been easy for me to catch him at the nick of time or there were times when he couldn’t help but blurt it out. I know how much of self-control it took for Vishal to plan this ….. He was almost paranoid…. LOL !!

The evening progressed with the dirty diaper game – wherein melted chocolates are placed inside the diaper and people should guess the chocolate.

Ooh how men loathed the sight of a dirty diaper!!! A few unforgiving shots!!


A signed onesie was presented to us as a gift and I had requested everyone to write a blessing/wish for the baby so that in the future when our child celebrates birthday, one blessing will be part of each growing year. Such beautiful blessings and happy to see that our child is already loved immensely…really overwhelmed…


I was showered with lots of gifts and pampered to the core..My heartfelt thank you to  all for being a part of our happiness!!!


Overall, it was such a wonderful experience and I am glad that things turned out the way it was. I feel it is good to be on the receiver’s side sometimes. Memories were made and I would cherish them immensely.


PS: Anyone wants a piece of the leftover cake?? 😀


5 thoughts on “Pregnancy Confessions : Baby Shower

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  2. Tania your blogs are well written n good to read,though i have read only a few,all of them were really good.CONGRATULATIONS about the good news,pregnancy is a roller coaster ride of emotions,enjoy:)

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