Pregnancy Confessions – Craving the uncravable

I have heard that pregnant women crave for really weird things at odd hours and enjoy weird combinations which may sound even taboo to the others! Ask a husband who went through the “preggy” phase of life and you will be astonished as to what he experienced and his various marathon adventures.

All I crave for is my mother’s handmade Kerala cuisine.

Sadly, I can do is crave, crib and crave more because mama is back in India now. I dream and slobber about mom’s food especially when I walk through the corridor towards my flat. Most of my neighbors are from my community and I experience a culinary explosion of scents by the time I reach my doorstep.

I have only read that pregnant women have a strong sense of smell… trust me , I really have the “greedy-puppy” nose now because the mere scent of crackling mustard seeds, onions, curry leaves and coconut overloads my senses so easily.

My husband who is clearly a vegetarian, on one occasion, cringes his nose and says “Something is smelling bad”

I snapped at him saying “It’s called Kerala fish curry, how dare you say it smells bad!!” (Mind you, I was mentally hogging that fish curry before he said that !!)

He never repeated it again. ( Just held his breath 😉 )

At work, I shamelessly wait for my colleague, Deepthi who brings Kerala food for lunch and grab a few bites to just calm my taste buds. My eyes close with this immense pleasure of fulfillment and thank God for His mercy as I slowly chew the divine “rare” cuisine. On seeing this, she would further nudge me to eat more – bless her heart!!

Yum Yum !!
Yum Yum !!

It’s funny how the things I have taken for granted came right back at me in disguise of a pregnancy craving!!!

Who would have ever thought of that !!!

Now, Pregnancy just took a U-Turn for me in the culinary world as now I am so grounded to Kerala food.

One thought, Mom when will you be coming ?!?


  1. Accidentally came across your blog 🙂 Ah! my Kerala Fish curry and your Pregnancy Confession! Sure brought a smile on my face.. 🙂 Wishing you a healthy delivery! 🙂


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