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A Tribute to the Men in my Life!

As a daughter, my Father is my first HERO. My Father is my silent hero; you must be wondering why I referred dad as a “Silent Hero”.

Happy to explain 🙂

  1. He never gave bold boisterous speeches on winning but he guided us to understand the importance of participation, consistency and especially the importance of having a good handwriting. Yes, that’s my Dad!
  2. He never ignored my hobbies during the different stages in my life from poetry writing during school to blogging now – he always took interest in my work and would nudge me to go forward when I am demotivated.
  3. My dad even now always loves to know how things are at work and would boost my morale, when I feel things are unfair.
  4. He never judges me or labels my behavior instead he would try to make me see the other perspective when I am incorrect.

As a sister, my Big Brother is my first GUY-FRIEND. My Bro is like my dad in many ways along with the I-am-your-big-brother attitude.

  1. Back in the days, he used to be my mid-night jester who would make me laugh till my tummy hurts.
  2. I had a fantastic culinary experience with bro in Bangalore. He would take me to the popular restaurants and would indulge me in good cuisine.
  3. I remember he once accompanied me for a movie where he loathed the actor so much. Yet, he just sat through the whole movie and sulked of course (LOL)
  4. He introduced me to various genres of music from AR Rahman (PrabhuDeva Songs) to Prodigy and Nickleback.


As a wife, my Husband is my true CONFIDANT. Nothing seems to be ever complete without telling him what’s running in my mind. Even when it may sound crazy.

  1. My husband makes a point to ask how my day was even when I may look like I can bite off a head.
  2. He makes an effort to silence his mobile when I pass by so that I wouldn’t know he is playing the strategy war game! For your info, dear husband – I knew it all along (LOL)
  3. I have a tendency of not drinking enough water. Sometimes he would suddenly appear with a glass of water and would wait until I finish till the last drop. Maybe even trick me into drinking more.
  4. I can always keep my inner child alive when he is around and it is a great feeling to know that someone understands you equally like your own family.
To some it all up – I am truly blessed indeed!!!

To sum it all up – I am truly blessed indeed!!!


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