Life is all about change!

I thank God for constantly changing my life and making it worth living every second. As we step into adulthood, we tend to appreciate life and see things in a very different perspective. I guess that is what we call growing up or growing old.

What changed my life currently?

The Thadathil family had a landslide of babies – (baby boys to be exact) in the last year.

My brother and sis-in-law gifted our family with a child again – a beautiful baby boy named Joshua. He smiles and laughs at people and he resembles so much to his sister Joann.


My favorite niece, Joann is as spirited as ever and such an adorable darling. Miss her so much… She has grown up so quick! She has started going to playschool and pats on every baby who cries. She definitely has the big-sister personality in her.


From my fingers to the toes, I have this great itch to just hold Joann and Joshua and just nibble on them. I know it sounds cannibalistic but I guess it is the only (extreme) way how I can convey my immense love for them. It is so frustrating when you have siblings so far away and it’s sad how much I miss out on their growth.

My cousin brother had a baby boy and the good part is since they live just next door all my love is diverted to this little champion. I was able to exercise a photobooth which included various mustache and shades.Got some hilarious shots !!!


This year 2014 is a special year for me. I am embarking my journey to motherhood….. with lots of anticipation. It is a different feeling to carry your child within you and just marvel how your body nurtures the little one inside.

The little one now is moving around with delicate ballerina movements and like any mother, I look forward for every ultrasound scans. Super excited to what lies ahead of me and I know things will never be the same anymore.

So readers, do tell me what changes are happening in your life… I would love to hear all about it… 🙂

Happy Reading!!


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