Things I cribbed and later missed deeply about my parents…

Being the youngest of the family had its perks and fun. My parents were the nurturing ones literally. Even when I was 28, my dad used to iron my clothes for the next day and my mom prepared and packed my lunch as I rushed to work. My mom was my stylist who would shrug when she didn’t like my attire or would just look happy if I looked nice.

I am not saying I was a slob or made my parents do it. I am kind of a last moment person whereas my parents were methodical. I guess it is one of those traits you get when you step into parenthood.

Coming from work to drink my mom’s tea was something I really looked forward to. We both sit to drink this extra-strong ginger tea and chatter away. I’d make coffee for dad and we three relax into the evening until its dinner time.

Mama – our family nutritionist will cook what the best for us. Generally no junk food, usually the dinner would be veggies, salads and lots of fruits. I sometimes complain when I don’t get the food I want enough.

The next day, mom would wake up to cut cucumbers for me for lunch. At the office I distribute it to my bachelor colleagues who are more than happy to consume healthy along with their restaurant food. Back then, I used to dislike my traditional food because it was something that was readily available at home.

Yes, I was a princess in my house now to think of it. Now since mom and dad are back to our native country, the things I complained about are the ones I missed the most.

Now I crave for some traditional mother-made food. I remember those times when mama fed me when I was just too lazy to lift the plate. There is something about being fed by mothers because they may not mix too much with the rice but the turnout would be the most tastiest thing one’s taste-buds would have ever had !!

“You can eat for up to 10 people in this process”, my dad says in a not-so-pleased-manner.

I remember some evenings, dad leaves home and comes back after hours and I used to complain why he isn’t at home to spend time with us. I would ask him to relax when he complains about his back.Now I understand how meticulously he goes to pay the bills, renew the house rent, takes the car for the regular service check, takes clothes for laundry and buys faucets or bulbs when something needs to be fixed. He was an immediate in-house electrician who would fix the problem almost instantly. I have never seen a problem remain for more than a day.

When the bills arrive in huge bundles, my dad takes a seat and opens up every bill. The troubled look when he sees an unexpected amount used to humor me.

Now when my phone gets cut due to payment delay, when a tap needs to be fixed, the rent needs to be paid… my thoughts always goes to dad.

So many invisible actions which are done by parents are never noticed; they are those people who doesn’t want appreciation or acknowledgement for their work. They just do it without any hesitation and the safety and security I got even when I was 28 was remarkable.

When they left, the “28-child-me” had to grow up instantly to “28-adult-me”.

The comfort of home, the warmth of love and the essence of caring diminished from the very apartment I was brought up in. Even the things at home resorted to sadness as they begin to break down..literally!!!

Replacing them was removing a segment of my memories. Even knowing that they are just materials but the fact that my parents have once touched them … replacing them brought tears to my eyes.

Coming to an empty home is still one of the hardest things and the ginger tea no longer tasted good.

Miss you Mama…

Miss you Dada…


  1. Omg Tania this is so alone for so long has made me cherish every small thing Amma and Acha did…I’m blown away when I visit home because I realize that no two humans will ever understand and take care of you the way they did and it kills me when I’m not able to fit how they can be with me every sec into the current scheme of things.. I console myself by being grateful for the time I have spent with them.. My Amma’s chai is the one thing I would die for and I have an extra big mug for myself back home.. She was a superwoman ensuring I get my daily dose of veggies fruits and I still have no idea how she did it…I have tears in my eyes when dad even today rushes to get me my favorite fish or paripuvada…growing up has had its pros and cons but no one or nothing would ever come remotely close to how parents make you feel..


    1. I know asha… While writing this post I got a bit teary too. Miss them tonnes its like I am having the empty-nest syndrome !! Thanks for sharing your thoughts hun . Love ya!!


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