Shory Story for Busy Readers – 3

I close my eyes to soak in the serenity around me. I hear the gushing waves of the ocean and feel the gentle breeze on my face. Soaking my feet in the therapeutic waters, I release my thoughts out to Mother Nature.

As I open my eyes and gaze lazily across the shore, I see this guy looking towards me. When I caught him staring at me, he just looked away immediately. I haven’t seen him before and I wondered if he was following me or something.

I just panicked. I closed my eyes to steady myself but my mind was no longer calm.

No matter what he did I felt he watched my every move. I look across my shoulder in fear of being followed. The waves suddenly felt cold and harsh. I couldn’t handle this situation anymore.

I was waiting to confront him. As he quickly sped by, I called out to him.

I wanted to have a good look at this guy and maybe report him if he looked suspicious.

He stopped almost immediately.

I wanted to ask him who he is and why is he following me. As I looked into his eyes, I saw something in there. He looked at me as though he knew me already.

“Do I know you?” I inquired

“Err…depends” He replied

“What’s that supposed to mean?” I questioned with a stern face. He turned beet red and just glanced away.

I noticed that he was clearly a few feet taller to me. His face held a serious look as he glanced towards the ocean. His face suddenly felt familiar to me. I thought my mind was playing tricks with me.

When he looked back at me, my memories dawned upon me with a sudden surge of realization –

“John..” I murmured

He put his arms around me and gently replied to my ear

“Yes my darling”

I knew right then who he was ……I was no longer afraid because now I remember him…my dear husband


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