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Surviving the 5 years of courtship and 2 years of marriage!

Life couldn’t be better with some mild courting and flirtations. I tend to stagnate in that phase of life before marriage. That time when you are in love and everything was just beautiful in plain sight. I am not saying marriage changes it all… but that bubbly-bursting-within feeling just happens when you are in that courting phase.

Be it arrange or love marriage, the pre-wedding phase is a sweet-filled moment of long talks and whispers over the phone and that after-talk goofy smile that is slapped across your face which would make your sister or mother look at you with a ” What are you smiling about” look.

Haven’t we all been there…

We are now completing our 2nd year in this marital bliss and we are still holding strong. Marriage aligned us in parallel with each other and we learned to hold hands and walk with each other as we faced different situations. There is something really divine with growing old with each other and on each other. We rub off our personalities on each other marking YOU ARE MINE!!! on the better half. That is why I guess as we age we tend to look like each other. God is wonderful and perfect in His creation. I am glad He chose the perfect one for me. 

I know I am not perfect, but I am perfect when V is around.  Happy Anniversary love!



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