Moment of Truth : As I approach 30

Age to women is like kryptonite to Superman ~ Kathy Lette


I will be turning 30 soon. I have read people make long lists on what they will do before they turn 30. I wish I could share the same enthusiasm but turning 30 is like swallowing a huge vitamin pill. Past few months, I could scarcely fathom this fact and from then every passing second was an enemy. Every mirror I pass, my eyes scans for any creeping wrinkles. As I comb my hair, my creepy mind searches for that one strand of a white hair… yea.. I was freaking out.

The inevitable truth dawns in me today that life is all about change. Me being 30 was not only the change in my life but I thank the Lord for granting me another year to witness the changes happening around me….


My big brother now a father of a beautiful, fun-loving girl. A loving and caring husband and the Best father #2 ( Taking after our dad of course). It is wonderful to see how my brother has turned into this nurturing papa bear. You get to learn a lot from the people you love. The immense patience of parenthood, the sacrifices, the joys and laughter that family gives you. No matter how time flies or how old we become there are some things that doesn’t change in my family. The goofiness never goes and you are happy that the crazy streaked brother of yours is still there !!! To compliment the whole picture, my SIL ( sis-in-law ) is a long lost friend and I love her even more for giving us such a fun loving angel !!

Daddy's Girl
Daddy’s Girl

My parents, now grandparents cradling their granddaughter in their arms. I had always cherished this moment of how they cradle the young one.. I am sure they are reminiscing their times when they held us .  ( Read how they first met their granddaughter and more in my blog ” Thadathil- Style of vacation “ )

Nothing can bring back youthfulness like being with grandchildren. Proven fact – I have seen this !!

GrandParent's Pride and Joy
Grand Parent’s Pride and Joy

My baby cousin sister has become a mother of a beautiful baby boy. Such an emotional moment for me. My little sister who imitated my every move when we were small, who has been a good friend as we grew from teenhood to womanhood and here she is as a mother. She has given me so many good memories. Love you L, you are as vibrant as a rainbow !!


My Guardian Angel-now-husband beside me to steady my world. Life would never had been the same. We were meant to have our paths crossed in the street called LOVE. I am glad you found me before I got lost.


Plato quotes

“He who is of a calm and happy nature will hardly feel the pressure of age, but to him who is of an opposite disposition, youth and age are equally a burden.” 

So, when life can be beautiful with these changes of life, then I think turning 30 won’t be that bad after all. Right ? 


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