Word of Advice from a Friend: Marriage

My dearest friend,

You will be embarking into a place where everything will be new and different. As you step into this world, there will be places which your feet can get wet, this is the time when your better half will carry you in his arms and take you across. Now you will have a partner-in-crime in all that you do. A playmate to make life happy and peaceful.


Marriage is a commitment which will constantly test you and make you a better person. You will complete him and he will know how much life has been better with you around. It is a workout where two different minds begins think alike and share a life together bettering their future.

I would like to quote Shashi from English Vinglish

This marriage is a beautiful thing… It is the most special friendship… friendship of two people who are equal

Life is a long journey…..sometimes you will also feel you are less than the other person

Try to help each other to feel equal…. It will be nice

Sometimes… married couples don’t even know how the other is feeling So… how they will help the other?

That is the time you have to help yourself….. Nobody can help you better than you

If you do that… you will return back feeling equal…..your friendship will return back…

Your life will be beautiful….maybe you’ll very busy… but have family… son…daughter…

in this big world… your small little world …. It will make you feel so good

Family… family can never be…never be judgmental!

Family will never… put you down… will never make you feel small

Family is the only one who will never laugh at your weaknesses

Family is the only place where you will always get love and respect

I wish you all the best

Even though I can’t make it for your special day, my love and wishes will be always there for you..

Lots of Love….

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