Journaling one’s life


I had the habit of maintaining a journal from the time I could remember. It transcended from some occasional scribbles to grumblings to sweet-nothing stories to poems to day to day events to best and funny moments in my life and then to finally nothing…. I can now barely recognize my journal as it lies in the corner of my room – now all that is adding to it is dust.

I was so caught up in my new life that I thought I don’t need it anymore and that I would cherish it all in my mind…But I know these journals were a part of my past, shared my present and hopes and prayers of my future. These journals, I always addressed to my God which held my happy and funny moments, insecurities and sorrows …A companion who held my tears as swollen dots.

I have volumes of my life waiting to be re-read. As I turn each page I can’t help but remember how I felt when I was in love for the first time. It holds my memories of what I did while I was with friends, which movies I watched , pictures of my brother getting married, my bachelorette party with my loved ones that one night, missing parents, my niece, my wedding etc …

The power of journaling is so strong that you actually go back to the time you were having that moment. Your complex emotions are jotted down at the nick of the moment and when it is read later you tend to wonder or laugh at yourself.

My journals teach me various lessons –

It teaches me to value relationships, It reminds me where I have come from, It inspires me to be a better me, It challenges me to do better, I see myself transcend from a child to a woman.

I realize that moments are too precious that we need to note them down religiously. 

I suddenly remember this dialogue from the Vampire Diaries – 

Elena: “You keep a journal?”

Stefan: “Yeah. If I don’t write it down I forget it. Memories are too important.”

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