Food Controversies for Foodies

DISCLAIMER : The following videos are highly graphical and I suggest that the weak stomach and pregnant women (who have puking tendencies) to not watch these videos.

Ok guys, we have all heard and read about the various “fast” food sold during the Beijing Olympics.

For those who aren’t aware of it , check out the video below

According to the entomophagists, the insects are high in protein. A major source of nutrition and rich in vitamins and lysine—an amino acid deficient in the diet of those subsisting on grains.

My verdict : At least these are real .

I’m no insect –eater but in my following blog you will realize why I focused on the meal being real.

Here are the infamous “Fake Foods” actually being consumed

Man-made Eggs

These eggs are made by hand. The following video below shows on how by using chemicals, you can really replicate an egg so easily. I mean if I was in the streets of China, I am sure I would have consume a couple of these fake eggs without realizing they are fake !!!! It’s so difficult to differentiate from the real one.

Cardboard meat

We all love our burgers.

If you are ever out of meat, let’s say during the end of days aka Judgement day  you can easily make meat from cardboard boxes which are wasting away in your backyard. All you need to do is soak them and chop them up! See below, if you don’t believe me!


Rat Meat instead of Lamb

Imagine you are in the streets of China, hungry and you sip a hot brew of soup thinking it is lamb when actually you have just consumed a pack of rats.


Creativity should be appreciated in every form. But this is way over the scales. See the video below on how fake walnuts are made. This treat will definitely claim some teeth. Keep snacking!

Fake rice

Yes, rice is not spared in this fake business

Fake Pepper corns

These fake pepper corns are fragile and easily dissolve in water because…. It is made of MUD!

Fake soy sauce from human hair

This is true. I saw this interesting video – this guy actually demonstrate on how it is been made. Highly animated and interesting to watch.

Controversy: Apples

You see these perfect apples at the store and buy a couple. Don’t do that anymore! In China, apples are wrapped in plastic bags which are internally coated with pesticides and chemicals. Some also contain banned pesticides.

Controversy: Watermelons

Due to the overuse of growth chemical called forchlorfenuron, these watermelons have become freaking landmines. KA-BOOM!!

Controversy: Meat Glue

A special powder (made from bacteria or blood plasma from cattle) is used to bind all the remaining irregular or small cuts of meat. Once mixed, it is refrigerated and then it is resold as a premium cut.

Weird China: Chinese eggs in urine

Eggs are boiled in urine. The urine is collected from the boys school lavatory. These eggs are also called as the Virgin Boy’s Eggs.



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