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People in Love : Five Love Languages

Dear Readers,

Want to do the right thing at the right time when it comes to relationships?

Lets see an example on the perspectives of a Husband and Wife

Dear Husband,

I know work is important and you justify your long hours to providing the best for the people you love. But don’t let work come between that one thing you love the most – FAMILY. Many times we fail to understand whether your priority is your family or your company. You have to learn to balance and appreciate that at home, you have this gorgeous gem of a wife who makes a house your home to return to.

You don’t pay any attention to me and you just flop over the couch and watch TV and just mumble a feeble Hi. I deserve more than this as I am the one that is juggling with kids, work, dishes, laundry …

I want more !!!

Love, Wife

Dear Wife,

I have tough times at work. I am stressed when I reach home and I want some peace and quiet-me time. I want to help out, but I just want to relax for now. I have deadlines creeping up at the end of the day. When I come home, I want you to sit with me and just relax …leaving all the worries behind. I don’t want to hear any nagging on what the kids have done or where the dog pooped. I just want you to provide and care for me for a second just be there for me.

I want more !!!!

Love. Husband

If you see the above situations, clearly you can see a void being formed and either of the couple are unable to fulfill this space. Thus the relationship can be quite tasking. This is because even though you are trying to help each other out – you are unaware as to how it should be done in the other person’s perspective.

I have read this book called “5 love languages” by Gary Chapman. The book is very simple to follow and he guides the person through the book and explains the different needs a partner would have and how to acknowledge those needs (through a quiz) and TA-DA… you are a partner-whisperer 😉

As you can start your quiz and it will take you through a series of questions and at the end you will get a rating on what you would consider most as a “love service”. This can be be discussed with your partner and there you are on the path of improving your relationship.

An example of scores:


Now, time to work on it …

As you can see that the husband is scored the most in Quality Time – so referring to the matrix below : It will guide us how to relate to the husband with the love language of Quality Time


Courtesy@Sam Rivera

Go ahead, try this and see how it works for you…click below to start your quiz



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