Phone Thief : A Sweet Revenge for you

I am sure at least 60% of people have lost their phones at some point of their life. I lost my phone at the airport years ago. I spent over an hour informing the concerned officials to check the plane and went to the lost and found to report the lost phone but I never recovered it. It took days for me to forgive myself and to let go. The trauma led me to buy the cheapest phone which was with me for almost 2 years !

Losing a phone is almost a devastating thing that can happen. For sometime you are on your own…. that alone desperate feeling really sucks.

I really wished I could put my hands around the neck of the culprit…

Picture courtesy : sketchedout.wordpress

But the following information was too good to be true…

A blog of ” Life of a stranger who stole my iphone ” – The creator of this blog was on vacation in Ibiza, an island off the coast of Valencia, Spain, when someone stole her phone along with her friends’ money and passports.

However, when she returned home to Germany, she found 15 pictures synced to her computer via dropbox ( Camera upload feature ) which documented the life of a man she says is named Hafid.

If you want to read more :

My response to this? I loved this

What did I do ? I downloaded the dropbox in my iPhone and synced all my photos.

Moral : You can never be too careful.


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