Book Lovers: 9 Reasons why you must own a Kindle

I am a proud owner of a Kindle. As a fervent reader, it is the best technology that could happen to book worms like me. Its like having a library in your fingertips. No worries of losing any books, no lending books anymore ( esp b’cos you don’t get them back).

Your own personal collection wherever you go !

But nothing can change my love for books and libraries. Books give me the comfort and happiness similar to what a coffee-addict gets from coffee.

Anyways, here are my reasons to why we MUST own a Kindle

1. It is light weight and pencil-thin


2. Can accommodate more than 1,000 books


3. There are loads of FREE e-books from Amazon with minimal to no buy


4. Easy on the eyes – Like reading a paper. no glare – even in sunlight


5. Downloads books from internet in 60 seconds with built-in WiFi

6. Can be password protected

7. One month battery life


8. Adjustable font choices and text sizes


9. Kindle apps are available for iPhone and iPad.

Happy reading my fellow bookworms !!!!

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