The Compare and Despair Syndrome

Have you felt anytime that the people around you seem to do better?

A friend who recently went to Mauritius for a second honeymoon,an ex-colleague who landed up getting a better job – three times your salary, bunch of old girlfriends ‘catch-up’ for dinner. Someone attending a concert, someone having those bollywood based weddings…. etc etc… the list can go on and on…

Now an overwhelming feeling happens right after you go through these social sites like Instagram, Twitter or Facebook…..

Even if you had the best day at work or have a fun evening with your girlfriends, when you curl yourself against the sofa and scroll through those fateful pages – your mood goes down a landslide and there you are staring at yourself and feeling pathetic and incompetent.

At first I cursed my hormones and PMS for this bizarre behavior. What else can be the reason for such emotional rollercoaster ! Nothing helped me at this ‘season’ –

I tried all possible remedies to overcome this phase –

Made lists on what I am grateful for

Tried to ‘see ’ the better things in life

Tried to do what I love the most

Drank heaps of coffee

Hogged tonnes of chocolates… but at the end of the day it didn’t make any difference apart from gain weight.

While I was reading a magazine, I came across this interesting article about the compare and despair syndrome also known as the Social Media Blues

It explained the exact instances of what I felt and why I felt. As I googled to understand more about this, I never quite got a  reason to why such negative emotions occur.

There were tonnes of remedies on how to overcome this but it aint long term.

I realised that there are some battles which we have to fight within ourselves – this is what makes us better day by day.

To start with this we have to learn to measure our achievements and appreciate them and not compare our lives with the people around us.

Life is not a competition – it is a blessing which God has granted us.

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