My Whispering God

“I told you everyday and showed you in a thousand ways, but you were too busy to listen…How loudly must I whisper before you hear Me ? ~ Chris M Hibbard ”
I have this phrase printed and kept right in front of me in my workplace.
It reminds me of a patient God who is waiting at the door for me to open my heart to him. a gentle God because I know he will be knocking at my door constantly with persistence. the Father who is willing to stay by my door to guard me from the dangers lurking beyond it….. as he waits for me to answer. my Father who would take His liberty to comfort me even though I haven’t called to him.
Even though I know all this, I can keep writing on and on about what God is for me and how He is there to wipe my tears away … I can  start a whole new blog on this alone but questions lingered as I begun this post –
Why is that I keep doing these things I do ? Why is that I don’t open that door to Him ?
Why is that I keep my God waiting ? Why is it that writing all these things are easy and tough to follow ?
Even when I know I can hold on to Him, why is it that Satan never stops trying?
I know that the tone of this post took a total U-turn, but this is what we need to ponder upon I realized.
Words maybe the best thing to express ourselves but for God it is our actions and what we don’t say matters.  Words play very less importance in our relationship with God. I am sure you have faced it when you begin to pray, you are left with no words but tears, but those tears bridge those gaps in your prayers.
I am not inferring that prayers are not necessary – prayers are what keeps us sane. But, what I am trying to point out is that our conversations with God must go way beyond our human talk. Our God is receptive to our emotions far more than we can imagine. Our emotions are like whispers to God.
I can imagine God whispering by even clanging all the bells of churches worldwide – will we hear Him ?
As I put this point out to all the readers, a thought goes to my God –
” Keep whispering Father, Keep Whispering…  “

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