The life’s ups and „downs“

Life holds a lot of lessons – sometimes we get the privilege to learn from another person’s experience or we earn it the hard way

We take oaths during our wedding that we will stand by each other through sickness and in health and we enter into the life of matrimony.

This weekend, was a test of how far I could endure the part of “stand by each other through sickness “.

This can sound silly, but Men become high maintenance when they fall ill. It’s like they have all this demands, weird gruffs, puppy-like looks and endless requests.

Yes, my husband was not well – a tooth extraction plus a root canal. It may sound small or insignificant, trust me I did too but I was wrong.

Initially I didn’t really understand the true need of “being there for him”. I was just upset and angry with all his demands and it drove me crazzzeeee !!!!

There was a part where he called me just to re-fix the pillows under his head ( Can you beat that ! )

It took me a while to “suck it up, do what I am suppose to”.

I may not be a perfect wife who is dotting over the husband when he is ill but I have learnt my first lesson to bring out the best in me so that I can support him when he needs me.

This is what marriage is all about I realized and it took me almost a year to understand the true meaning of selfless commitment –


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