Thadathil – Style of Vacation

Usually I forget to be thankful for the lovely things I have been bestowed upon.
But this vacation is one thing, I am forever grateful to the Almighty above.

I was super excited for my vacation to India especially to meet my folks and the new angel which was gifted to our Thadathil family.

My anticipation to meet my niece exceeded so much that I kept replaying her video again and again until I can still hear her chatter in back of my head.

My arrival was supposed to be a surprise to my family but I would give the credit of destruction to my darling brother – who flopped the whole planning in a matter of seconds.

So, Lets fast forward the day of my brother’s arrival with his family.

I had all planned…

Taking a video of new grandparents meeting their grandchild for the first time;
The cries and laughs …….maybe a group hug…blah ..blah…

An epic sentimental movie I can make of it,so I thought.

But in reality,

the baby ended up being a victim of a tug of war
Bro and sis-in law being left out at the terminal…
(thank God nobody taped that mess) :S

Like all vacations, this one month vacation also ended very quickly and I only remember a few precious moments when I go through all the pictures and videos I have taken furiously.

Our house is a ancestral home of the Thadathil Clan…A quick tour into my world..

A peek into the surroundings
A peek into the surroundings

This veranda holds a lot of memories I have with my grandfather. Hence, this is the favorite part of my house which I will always hold closest to my heart.

Nostalgic Place
Nostalgic Place

Now my father thrones his “rightful place” in this chair – only reserved for him except for one small exception –

I rule !!
I rule !!

My parents are really into gardening and dad has made a huge “greenhouse” shelter for them. It is remarkable how much they dedicate their time and energy to these seasonal flowers which bloom and later fade gradually.

A snapshot of it all
A snapshot of it all
Most Captivating
Most Captivating

No matter how much and how long I will drink and eat my mother’s food , there are few things I will really miss – EVERGREEN

Mom’s Cup of Tea – It is everything like how my mother’s Love is : Energizing at the same time Comforting. It is something I would like to unwind myself along with a good novel.

Cup of Love
Cup of Love

Mom’s Payasam – (Why my dad in the picture ?)
The main reason associated with my liking towards payasam is the look my Dad has as he savors every spoon of his share of Payasam with ultimate indulgence in his eyes. The contentment in his face is just priceless.

Payasam with Dad
Payasam with Dad

In this month, we have evolved and played many new roles with the addition of a person in our family.

Life is all about change !
Life is all about change !

My parents into grandparents
My brother into a father ( Seriously !! )
Me into an Aunt

Now, I am no longer the youngest one in my family or the pampered one. But I am happy to give away my place to the one that followed me.

Thank you God for the little things and pleasures in life. Life would never be the same without your mercy.



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