Diary of a So-Called-Perfectionist

Dear Diary,
I have had it with today!!!! I have been a slob and I have to evolve into a “new” me.
I immediately tore a paper and jotted a plan for the next day :
  1. Wake up early
  2. Drink green tea
  3. Exercise a bit
  4. Read newspaper
  5. Take shower at ease
  6. Eat breakfast
  7. Get ready for work
  8. Reach work on time
At work :
  1. Be efficient and do daily follow-ups.
  2. Customer re-kindling and gentle reminder and follow-ups
  3. Fix appointments and go for meetings
  4. Make stats on my current projects and targets
  5. Eat healthy lunch and climb stairs
  6. Drink green tea and continue effective working
At home:
  1. Prepare dinner and lunch for tomorrow
  2. Prepare my clothes for tomorrow
  3. Have a restful evening
  4. Pray and sleep early

In reality






Yikes, its 7:30 already!!!!

Jumped off the bed, hit myself on my shoulder as I wrestle myself through the door. Showered, brushed and I look at the clock at the corner of my eye as I apply my eyeliner..

“Shit, its 8:10 already????”

I make a hasty run towards my car with papers flying off my arm and almost spraining my ankle as I lose my balance over my heels.


I limp and enter my car and accelerate towards my work.


Good Morning !!!

“Good Morning Julie “… I mumble

I take my place and I close my eyes to collect my thoughts..

“Ok, the day has just started and I can still do as I have planned, try to do my work with atmost diligence and hardw..

Suddenly interrupted by the phone,

“Good Morning , Trisha speaking “ as I faked a happy tone easily covering my disappointment for being interrupted.

“Good Morning ”

“How can I help you?”

“I am calling from Phoenix. I wanted to know why the materials haven’t been delivered to us as per your proposal? “

“Err… Phoenix ..What materials are you referring too ? “

“Do I have to tell you this? Don’t you even know what you are quoting or are you doing your work blindly??”

Growing red with embarrassment with anger burrowing as I speak

“I know there is some misunderstanding. I request you to kindly tell me which material you are talking about so that I can help you with it “

“The item is a machine filter, do you know how important it is especially since it is a critical item..”

I cut him short replying “I understand Mr. X, just to tell you that I am not incharge for this delivery and will connect you to the concerned department incharge”

“Am I not talking to Ms. Trinita?”

“Nope, this is Trisha with you”

A short oh escaped from the other side with a request to transfer the phone to Trinita.

I shut the phone down with a bang silencing the busy office as everyone turns their head towards my direction.

“There goes my day….”

The following day was quite eventful;

I burnt my tongue while drinking Green Tea

Had a feast of a lunch

Used the lift profusely

Paper work piles, lots of deadlines and zero appointments


I retired to my couch and my eyes fell on the same list of nearly-impossible things

I tore it into bits and threw them in the bin.


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