the Truth that died with the Girl – A Poem


Dear Sister,

We cannot change what happened to you and we hold our head in shame the day your heart stopped beating.

But when your heart stopped, it triggered many hearts in rhythm to fight for justice. We will never let your death be in vain !

It started as a regular day but filled with hopes and aspirations,

Working hard with immense dedication hoping I would be soon somebody’s inspiration.

I was a regular girl with hopes and aspirations,

Until the ground gave way in a devastated fashion.

I see myself thrown on the side road,

I see the glances pierce me like a sword.

I plea for passersby to stop and help,

My cries where unheard but I wasn’t able to stop myself.

I see the ray of light fall on me,

God himself has come down to take me.

“I didn’t deserve this God , how could this be ? “

God said “I hate this place which was created by me.”

“Please give me a chance to say a bye”,

“I promise I will be there by your side”.

God said “You will be given your time but are you ready to fight? “

“God, on this world – this is my last and only right “

After days of struggle and fighting…..

God descends, “Come my angel, I have a wonderful task for you in heaven “

*Flat Bleep*


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