Short Story for Busy Readers – 2 (Late Regret)

” When all the world dissolves, and every creature shall be purified  All places shall be hell that are not heaven. ” ~ CHRISTOPHER MARLOWE

My heart is beating fast, I can hear them beating next to my ears. My skin is crawling as the blood boils. I scream and shout as I can feel my skin erupt with blood and smell the burning of flesh.

The Devil is enjoying this as I can hear him laugh at me. The darkness thickens and I see the Godly light fade away from the far end…

“Perfect…..Perfect… I wasssss waiting for you…” He slithers each word like a hissing snake. I feel the weight of him over my shoulders as I fall on the ground.

“No one issss there to hear your cry….You are mine now …. I own you…. Now I am your Massssster “. I could smell the sulphur in his breath and my eyes stung as he cornered me like a predator.

The darkness gives way to a creature which is almost 10 feet tall… Eyes as black as charcoal that burn right through your soul…The smell of sulphur is so revolting that my nasal cavity was on fire…Each breath was very tasking for me. I try to move myself away from him in fear, but my hands are tied and the ground begins to give way . I saw a glimpse of the depths below, I find hundreds of people burning in fire, people trying to climb over each other to come to the top. But their efforts where short-lived as the demons slice of their limbs and they fall in the hot lava of fire.

People screaming and howling in pain…Death and despair everywhere….

I closed my eyes and shouted …“ God .. Please forgive me…”

Blood comes out of my eyes as the tears. I pray for my worthless soul, trying to hold on to the last string that might save me.

The Devil jabs me with a sharp object into my feet, I fall to my knees.

“You foolissssh human…..God wasssssss all around you ….sssshowed you sssignssss, provided you with everything ….. yet you are so ungrateful. I knew you were mine the day you were born….. but God fought for you and you were not eassssy to get…. You are ssssuch a fool and an idiot …. I wassss able to manifesssst myself in you assss anger… you nurtured me , you let me loosssse within you and then leassssed me like a beasssst. I controlled your mind into depressssssion and finally you killed yourself ….…”

” it …it was … it was you all along ? “, I asked with sadness…

“Hahaha it is so eassssy to get to you…. filthy human….. “. His laughter shook the entire place….

He mocked , ridiculed and insulted me in every possible way. Now, ashamed as I hear his eyes dried out as I realized my faults..

“ I deserve this… I will bite the pain away….. How much I caused pain to the people I love….”


The Devil smiles and asks, “ What do you want me to do…..? “

I confessed,

“ I want you to tell God to forgive me for all the wrong things I have done”.

I looked down and prayed one last time…

“ Father, you have provided me the life I wanted but I was always looking for something else and complained”

“Father, you have given me a happy home but I always made it unhappy and unpleasant”

“Forgive me Father for I was stupid and I will take this burden of pain because I deserve this….”

Something pierced right through my heart…..Darkness clouded my eyes as I slip away slowly….

Much Later…..

I woke up with a shudder, my heart is beating fast. My skin crawling. I can feel my skin erupt with blood and smell the burning of flesh.

I hear that devious laughter saying ” Welcome back  – There is no death in hell only eternal pain ”

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