Short Story for Busy Readers – 1

As I walk through the mystical woods of forbidden things,

I came across a beautiful basket beside a huge tree. The basket was made of straw. It was partially covered, satin fabric flowing out as something moved inside of it.

The basket has a big bow at the handle. I thought to myself it would probably be a gift.

‘But who would leave such a pretty gift outside?? ‘, I thought out loud. ‘Maybe I can take a peek to see whats in it’.

As I cautiously moved towards the basket, I could hear whimpering and muffled sounds. I froze in my steps as I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. It sounded like a baby!!!

I rushed to the basket and lifted the cover to see the most beautiful creature on earth.

Why I referred the baby as a creature?  Because it was inhumanly beautiful and I couldn’t take my eyes of it.

Its eyes were so deep; I felt I could see the whole universe in them. As it blinked at me, It looked as though angels where dancing with immense bliss. Perfect wasn’t even the word to describe it.

It looked at me with wonder, I felt as though it could somehow read my thoughts. It lifted its arms towards me, with an innocent invitation accompanied with a few gurgles and sounds.

I looked around to see if anyone was there, looking for the baby. I called out if anyone was there. But all I could hear was my echo and hustles of the wind. I carefully lifted the baby and held it face to face. I stood there for a few moments as I felt hypnotic when I stared at him.

He remained calm as laid his head on my arm. I took him with me in the hope of finding his mother.

As we walked our way towards the end of the forest, I saw a small worn-out hut. Smoke was snaking into the sky from a chimney.

‘This must be it!!’ I thought frantically.

I ran towards the house and knocked. But no one answered. The door opened slightly ajar. I opened the door to find a hallway which lead to a door. I walked towards that door with hesitance, wondering what is on the other side. I cautiously called out hoping to hear someone, but in vain.

I opened the door to find a young girl lying motionless and the sheets were soaked in blood. She looked as though she lost her life in pain as her fingers curled up the sheets beneath them. There were people around her, all of them wearing white gown which was now red. They were nodding their heads with disapproval and disgust.

‘What happened to her?’ I thought in horror. I felt pity for her.

The baby in my arms begins to whimper and cry. I tried to hush him but he kept crying. I followed its glance to the corner of the bed – something wrapped. I walked across the room and lifted the sheet to see what was in it.

I screamed endlessly. I didn’t know what I was seeing. But all that blood made me squeamish. The baby wiggled in pain. I felt the horror as I was looking at a dead baby. It looked so familiar as though I knew it.

‘So small….so small….the fingers so tiny and small and ….. ‘then I realized that I was holding the same baby in my arms !!!!

I turned to run away as the room was suffocating and unbearable for me.  I almost tripped and I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror.

I froze in front of the mirror, as I then realized that the dead girl on the bed was me.

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