I, the lung of the smoker say….

Reporter: ” Mr.Lungs I was looking for a story and thought I would write something about you. Would you help me with this ? “

Lungs: ” Sure, I think it is very important for youngsters to know about their body before “… *mumbling*

Reporter: ” Mr.Lungs, I dont understand what you are saying ” ….. ( i was immediately interrupted)


” I was young so filled with fresh air, every second I filled myself with so many scents. I could never be so alive and being a part of my family I am so grateful to be one of the most important member of that family. Miss.Heart always advised me to hold the air a bit longer as it would benefit all and I always listen to her. But Mr.Diaphragm whose ways I find bossy, due to the very reason that he pushes me up and down and making me totally run in his tunes. But I wont complain because thats how we were taught to behave. Aunt Blood taught me how to share and she had taught me that this air is more valuable than anything that could ever exist. As times passed, I grew older and I understood my responsibilities and my family was so proud of me. I was the air winner and I knew I had a very important task to continue for the rest of my life.

When I was a teenager, things changed as along with air I could feel the air more dense. At first it felt kind of cloudy and I was not able to justify what was going on. Miss.Heart skipped a beat. I thought it was the pollution and it would be gone after a while. But as it persisted, I felt lethargic, empty and dark, my friends-the bronchioles begun to die slowly and slowly and as they did I felt the pain of suffocation.

I screamed in pain. I revolted against it by being stubborn and caused problems to save my family. After a while I felt something that soothed my sores and I got better. Miss.Heart was filled with anxiety and she worked hard ….I never saw her work over time…but I knew things have changed.. I only hoped it wont worsen anymore. Aunt Blood had told me what was happening over the other parts and it saddened me…I later blamed myself for this…..

Days later I felt the musky smoke again and I was too weak to retaliate, I was collapsing within my own self and I was desperate to do something and Miss.Heart needed more air , she is working faster this time for air. I could hear cries and faint moans and screams for air , I am trying to do my best but… i was not taken care of …I then realised that some things are just not in our hands….

Now in my final days, I lie to hear the screams of Miss.Heart and tormented Aunt Blood as knocks at my paralysed body .”

Tears streaming from his eyes……

” I see my family dying one by one and I learnt one thing that now ” …….(silence)

Reporter: ” Mr.Lungs….Mr.Lungs……”

(At the back ) Doctor : ” The heart gave up after a good fight “


  1. You should write down more. I checked your page many times since the last year. It is a nice hobby and keep the flare burning. This is God’s gift to u so Keep Writing.


  2. …”When I first read this blog, it felt goose bumps under my skin. The scenario have been given a realistic touch in the end and described nicely to have an eternal affect on all ages especially for childern”…


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