The irony

Mother Nature’s basic trait is Balance and displays it remarkably. It is the result of this balance, we live our life the way we are and some people also would support that the cosmic energies modulate the way we think and act. Why i talk about nature is to point out how just and right she is ….nothing more nor nothing less….just perfect. The lesson we still fail to learn……..

”We aint perfect ”…people can justify but to that i can say -at least you know whats right and wrong…..

This blog is just an abstract to the various issues i have in mind….it may…may not have a link to each other…but just to clear myself out…this is just to show you how numb people have become to their own kind………..

IPL (Indian Premier League) is the main talk of the town now …whos in and whose out…IPL forums ….. the guessing of whose the next winner …. the ‘excitement’… and which girl wants to be the next cheerleader etc etc…etc……. not to forget the money and the fame…i guess we should start a new saga of cricketwood because it has all the masala, action, emotions and finally the entertainment that would keep the crowd pinned to their seats till the show ends.

I have to exclaim ”The rate of money flow into this league was faster than the water flow of mumbai taps !!!!!”…

Actors have their stocks on media where they would do just move a finger to get people crowded over them….In short, we see a rewind of the same faces as they slowly brainwash us to see them and nothing but them. The money involved are Millions that too in dollars….and to add more excitement to cricket….cheerleaders…(astrologists …did you see that coming?????…)

some would disagree with me and say ”Any form of entertaining is entertainment ”…(yea right !!!)

There are some things beyond IPL cricket….i am sure people know that India has the highest number of hungry people..and…girl babies are killed or left on the roads to die…adding to the list…..So many People dont have proper houses to stay in…No education …some people would be still standing outside court houses waiting for their pensions ….but hey who cares?????!!!!! Cricket is ssooo important!!!! (‘Abey sachin out hogaya????!!!!)

All are so busy watching cricket and are so ready to spend money on smsing and betting but will definately make sure that they wont even give a dime to the begger across the street!!

Rejoice india….be proud of yourself….as you still manage to enjoy yourself admist people in misery….

you scream and shout with joy and even wait to hear the whispers of your favourite stars but still unable to hear the loud cries of the poor on the road…

Ironic, Indian millionaires are increased for over 1 lakh….but does it help anyone except for themselves….we have grown and earned so much that we forget our roots and become so self indulgent we become blind…..

‘the new generation’ claims that india is a developed country….if you have to see the soul of india…it is not found within the bright or flashy streets of the cities…but you need to take a peek into the hearts of those who have nothing at hand….

Are you still proud of what you are turning into??

One advice: If you want to value for your money give it to those who really need it… not to those who have it..else it would be just a piece of paper .

P.S. Freedom of Speech is exercised



  1. That was a good one….i might not agree with all of it but after digging down i can say that we the Indians are people of words, there is not one thing that we have actually achieved that we can be proud of. we are rejoicing about the economic boom without understanding its a second class second hand already savored success passed on to us because we are cheap and will slog like animals and will smooch ass like no one could do anywhere else in the world. and will enjoy our new found social and economic freedom when still people will are dying of hunger farmers are committing suicide army officers are quitting at an alarming rate and what not…..Hey why is no one listening…Ohhh!! there is a cricket match on TV or i guess SRK ka interview hey.


  2. That was a good one! I so agree with your unspoken but meaningful thoughts. Keep exercising the freedom of speech to wake “them” all up.


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